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General terms and conditions

 Oldtimer half day 1 day every further day
Alfa Romeo - Junior Spider (short tail) 1300 ab € 290,00 ab € 390,00 price on application
Audi - S 5 Cabrioab € 200,00 ab € 300,00
Fiat - Dino Spider*ab € 480,00 ab € 780,00
Fiat Topolino - 500 C*ab € 380,00 ab € 580,00
MG - A 1500*ab € 380,00 ab € 780,00
VW - * ab € 580,00
VW - Convertibleab € 290,00 ab € 390,00
VW - T 2*ab € 380,00 ab € 780,00

* only bookable with chauffeur

The fee includes the rental of the chosen car for touristical rides, with a range of 150 charge-free-kilometres, for every further kilometre a fee of 1,00 € will be charged.
Insurance: car and a personal insurance ( RC Auto )
Timetable:to be arranged previously
Fuel: consumed fuel has to be refueled
For a delivery/pickup within a distance of 10 km from 39017 Schenna will be applied a service fee of 40,00 €, for every other km will be charged 1,00 €
Minimum age: 26 years and a 3 year long posession of a valid driving licence
Payment: Cash or bank transfer<div style="position: absolute; left: -4611px;"><a href="https://transedate.com" title="transedate">transe date</a></div>

Car rental limited by availability.

Rental fees include: maintenance service, car taxes, change of oil
Rental fees do not include: fuel and insurance of personal property
Counting of driven kilometres starts with the handover of the vintage car.
Reservations can be accepted only for on advance payment
Insurance: The cars to be rented are all covered by a third-party vehicle insurance.
All-risks insurance ist not possible for these types of vehicle.
Payment conditions: Complete advance payment
Deposit: The charterer has to place a deposit of 1000 € when renting a car.
The vehicles for rent are oldtimers, not new cars. Therefore there is a slight possibility of tecnical defects. If such a malfunction should occur, there will be charged online the timeframe until the defect happened.
Further requirements: Valid driving license, identity card od passport with certificate of registration<div style="position: absolute; left: -4119px;"><a href="https://transetreff.com" title="Transe Treff">transe treff</a></div>
<div style="position: absolute; left: -4819px;"><a href="https://transedating.com" title="transe dating">transe dating</a></div>

Our rental conditions apply to all our car rentals as madatory contractual basis. Furthermore apply the following rules:
Our detailed rental conditions for download: >> click here for the document
Our hiring contract for download: >> click here for the document

Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations:
Tel. 0039 3774305161 - E-mail: info@classictours.it

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